The Farmer - Oil On Canvas -  36x48cm
The Farmer - Oil On Canvas -  36x48cm

The Farmer - Oil On Canvas - 36x48cm

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Get connected with the source, the earth, the planet. In recent times, we as a society have been very disconnected from our own reality, and with this, Mama Earth is crying out with Natural disasters, droughts. 

The farmer in essence is connected to the earth, especially since they feed the populations, and without them, the world would be in turmoil. As a planet, we have to reconnect with Mama Earth and take care of her, as without her we have nothing. Farmers are the backbone of the world and it takes a lot of time for little financial returns, so the modern farmer grows much more of his crops than he will ever need, he tries to sell them for a profit so the rest of us have time to pursue other interests. Without the farmers of today, we would all be spending lots of time growing our own grains, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Let's get connected to mother earth, and food will be of abundance, especially since the farmers can’t do it without our help.


Measures - 3"x48